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Breakaway - Rochelle Alers Rochelle Alers is back with a new story from her popular Hideaway series. Fans of her long time work are reunited with the Cole family. It’s like visiting old friends. Celia Cole-Thomas is a Miami E.R. doctor who is running from a traumatic experience. After being shot by a ruthless gang member during her shift one night, Celia is shaken to the core. She had to endure the trauma of watching her fiancé (another E.R. doctor) and several colleagues die. A year later she is still having nightmares of the fatal night. Determined to move on from her past and maintain her sanity, she packs up to take a vacation in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. While enjoying her must needed R& R, she meets Gavin Faulkner and all of the emotions that she thought were long buried resurface.Gavin Faulkner is a hot undercover FBI agent. He’s on the fast track in the bureau, making his way as one of the top field agents ever. The thing is that he no longer wants that lifestyle, in fact, after his current assignment he plans to take a desk job and settle down. Sent to the mountains of North Carolina to bring in another undercover agent, who is so much more to Gavin than just that, Gavin never expected to have such a strong attraction with Celia in the local grocery store.While driving home from their initial encounter, Gavin rescues a hurt puppy. Celia spots him on the road and immediately jumps in to help him. Together they repair the dog until they can get him to the vet and slowly learn more about each other. I thought it was real cute that they both were invested emotionally in “Terry” the dog. As Gavin and Celia settle into their roles as lovers, danger is never far away and Gavin makes a promise to Celia to protect her from any gang members who might still be out to hurt her before she testifies later that summer. But Gavin has more to deal with when he learns that his assignment might be linked to Celia and her case. There were several things that took away from this book in my opinion. The first being that Celia was suppose to be this hard shelled woman with a soft inside but I felt she was hard all of the time. The only time I got to really see her let loose was during the love scenes, which was hot. She was not relatable enough for me and she did not gel as well with Gavin’s down to earth personality as I would have liked. Second, there was no action in the story. Sure the readers know that danger is lurking. There’s a robbery and other small mentions of something happening but there was no drama. Last I did not like that their relationship progressed so fast towards the end and the only excuse was this is for the case which did not tie neatly into the story.Even with those details, I still manage to enjoy Breakaway. There were several other characters introduced from her hideaway series and even her Blackstone series. Of course, being a fan my self of Rochelle Alers, I do look forward to other stories in her Hideaway series.