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Apache Warrior - Carol Ann Didier I really can't express how disappointed I am in this book. A waste of good reading time for me. My first problem was that the story moved along slowly. It almost felt like an amateur written this. The heroine fell immediately, which I found to be unbelievable. First, she is from Baltimore and grew up very sheltered. She never seen an Indian or even the country side for that matter. So when she, along with her sister, are surrounded by Indians and she is eventually abducted, she is rather calm. No hysterics or anything. I don't know what anyone else would think of this, but I think she was full of it. I would have been screaming, crying and breaking my neck to escape. So once they arrive, she never gets upset that she don't know if her sister is alive or dead. He refuses to tell her anything and they continue to fall in love. Um, this is what I call unrealistic bs because there is no way I would not have worried about my sister. She was held in captivity for months and still no real worries about the sister. The hero pissed me off because he was all over the place and oh did I mention that he speaks spanish too? The spanish terms of endearment was enough to make me know this book is stupid. A multilingual Indian. Finally at the end she is reunited with her sister and he could have taken her there at anytime but she is too dumb to have realized this. So she opts to not stay with her sister and uncle but stay at the camp with her man. The end. I actually have another book by her and I'm so regretting I bought it. I can't stomach to read any NA romance from this author.