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Hidden Pleasures - Brenda Jackson Brenda Jackson’s Hidden Pleasures is enjoyable story of two people gambling for love. Brenda Jackson brings her readers another Steele novel, this time branching off to the Phoenix Steeles.Galen Steele is a notorious womanizer, just like his father was. Not believing that there is such thing as the right woman, he is struck when he sees one that makes him want to do more for her than bed her. Brittany Thrasher is a successful etiquette trainer who happens to think Galen is one of the rudest men she has ever met. After their run-in in New York, Brittany never thought she would see him again until she goes to Phoenix to claim the property that her biological mother has left her. Since her mother has left behind a considerable debt and the house is going on the auction block and Brittany plans to get it. Her only problem is that she runs into Galen after he outbids her for the property, and the only way she can get it back from him, is if she agrees to stay a seven days in his house.I felt compassionate for Brittany’s story. I looked forward to Galen breaking her out of her prim and proper shell. She had to overcome so many different levels of growth due to her horrible experiences growing up in foster care. I liked how Galen realized he wanted to be that guy that wanted to show her love and caring, especially since he was a well known playboy. There were parts where Galen was arrogant and only wanted sex. I really wanted him to wine and dine her. I wanted more romance in this story.The premise of the story was familiar but a bit unrealistic. I found it strange to believe that Brittany would accept Galen’s propose to stay a whole week in his house. He was virtually a stranger to her and though she displayed some misgivings about the proposition, she easily accepted. I know that I would not accept a strange man’s offer to stay in his house in a city that I am not familiar with. Then to top it off, Brittany easily falls in bed with Galen, after years of having reservations about sex. I was expecting her to be more reluctant. I just found some of the points in the story a little unbelievable. I know that the book is short but I felt that Brittany’s issues with her mother and men could have been delved into more. I also think that her relationship with Galen could have been fleshed out better. Wow, the love scenes were hot. Galen and Brittany were on fire and I enjoy every tasteful minute of it. Overall this is a nice addition to the Steele family series. I look forward to reading upcoming books for the rest of the Phoenix Steeles.