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The Duke's Captive - Adele Ashworth He was out to seek revenge. She was trying to protect those she loved and everything she built. Passion, betrayal and lust brought them together. The Duke’s Captive is a fast paced tale of betrayal and forgiveness. Tied together through a turbulent past, Ian and Viola has to let go everything they hold dear to find a passion they had never known existed. Ian Wentworth is a deeply troubled man. Moved by vengeance, the handsome duke only goal is to bring down Viola Bennington-Jones. Years ago they had met. He was held captive and drugged and she was the only one there to comfort him. Through the foggy memories, his only visions are of her. He waited long enough to get his satisfaction for her minor part in his abduction but when he finally sees her, his emotions is turned upside down. The internal battle begins as he slowly remembers what they had shared.Viola is a young widow, caring for her son. Viola holds plenty of secrets. Staying one step ahead of the game, she plays her cards when necessary. The one man that she has been avoiding for years has now made his appearance back in her life after she has come out of mourning. Facing her past is harder than she could have ever imagined. Each moment that she spends around Ian, brings her closer to those emotions that she has long ago hidden.I really enjoyed this book. I have never read a book by Adele Ashworth. I have to admit that she wooed me. The characters had chemistry immediately but they did not act on it. The emotional connection was there but the author slowly peeled off the layers to get to the core. Ian was a strong character. I understood his reasons for revenge but at times I felt he went over board with his tactics and I was almost taken out of my comfort zone. Each chapter begins with an insight to their brief binding encounter by Viola. I instantly liked Viola. She was a mature and sophisticated character. Her emotions and actions were realistic. Her feelings came straight off the pages and touched me. My only problem was that the entire book was based on betrayal and I thought that the author should have explained better why he was held captive. Her explanation was summed up very briefly at the end. For all the pain and suffering, I wanted more. Still, I did not feel as though this lessened my feelings towards the book.The love scenes were hot and tastefully written. The author does a great job at making sure the sex was not substituted for love. Viola understands that while they have great sexual chemistry, she can’t mistake that for him loving her. The Duke’s Captive is a sizzling romance with many secrets and twists in the plot that will keep the audience captivated. I know Adele Ashworth has made a fan out of me. I recommend this book for any reader who enjoys a tender love story with a bit of drama.