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Betrayed - Claire Robyns Claire Robyns bring a nice debut romance story. Being a fan of Scottish romances, I was excited to read this one.Amber Jardin is a young, strong willed seventeen year old, arriving from England to find herself caught up in a family feud. She’s immediately thrown in the mix when she is kidnapped by a strong, ferocious Scot. Krayne Johnstone is a fierce warrior, trying to use Amber as leverage against her family. Instead, he finds himself strongly attracted to Amber. The feelings are mutual but both deny it, knowing that it is betrayal to have these feelings. There was a lot of plot twist woven in the story which kept me entertained but there were slow parts. I think that the story started to become redundant after a while. After a while her escape attempts were predictable. I did enjoy Krayne. He was the definition of a strong Alpha male. I love me a tortured soul. Though there were parts that drag the story was a pleasant read.