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The Homecoming: A Shelter Bay Novel - JoAnn Ross Kara Conway is the new sheriff in Shelter Bay. Taking over her late father’s position, Kara believes returning home to the small Oregon town will bring her peace and quiet. After a brutal attack in the city, she only wants to write up reports about smashed up mailboxes and easy pranks but a dispatch call to her former friend’s house blows her plan up in smoke.Sax Douchette is a former SEAL returning home to Shelter Bay. The former bad boy is now the town’s hero but all he wants to do is fight those demons from his last mission and find his identity along with some peace of mind. What he finds is a human bone that his dog brings back on a game of fetch and his quiet homecoming brings a whole lot of drama into his life along with the girl he wished he could have had.I’m a sucker for re-connecting romances. I love when two lovers find their way back to each other. The road of discovery is always painful but you know there is going to be a HEA. At points in this story, I was not as sure that there was going to be an HEA because I did not feel the connection between Sax and Kara. The two had known each other all of their lives and yet they acted as strangers throughout the whole book.Instead of revealing a budding romance, Kara harped on her marriage to Jared (her deceased husband and the best friend of Sax’s brother) and how much she had loved him since her sandbox days. Of course, Sax was scared to love Kara because she had belonged to one of his friends but even he realized that they were adults and needed to move on. I finally felt the connection in the last few pages.The suspense in the story fell flat. The majority of the book was focused more on the crime but there was no real thrill and it appeared as if no one took the crime serious even during the action scenes. I found myself wanting to get back to the romance, which was on the backburner. I was more disappointed with the character development. All of the characters sort of blended in and no one had a real identity. Kara wanted to be tough and independent like her mother but she was a sorry sheriff, having to get her butt kicked more than once. All of the women in the story high fived each other by claiming they were so strong and the men just wanted to protect them. There was also some unresolved and rushed storylines throughout the book. For one, Kara’s mom and one of her deputy’s start a romance. It was mentioned that he liked her mother but was afraid to make a move because he was best friend’s with Kara’s father. Then after an incident, where Kara’s mother finally shows her emotions, they make love. A few days later, they are planning their lives together. For a book this long, there was ample time to reveal a slow romance in the background. Then there was the fact that Kara and Sax never talked about her feelings for her dead husband. It was mentioned at the end, that they had a discussion and he accepted that she would always love him but it was never shown to the reader. Overall, this book had a lot of potential but there was a lot of factors that made it fell flat.