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Star of His Heart - Brenda Jackson Brenda Jackson captures the true essence of romance in every one of her books. Star of His Heart is the first book in the Love in the Limelight series and will leave readers satisfy and happy.Rachel Wellesley is the make-up artist and wardrobe designer on the set of Paging the Doctor, a new hip television show that features doctors. Growing up in a famous family full of entertainment moguls, Rachel has had her share of the spotlight and she wants no part of it. She’s determined to stay out of the light and rise slowly to top on her own. Then she sets eyes on the newest doctor on the scene and every thing that she prides herself on, goes straight out of the window.Ethan Chambers is the next rising star. Tall, muscular, and gorgeous, he has what it takes to be the next big thing in Hollywood and Paging the Doctor is the place to make that happen. He doesn’t need any distractions but the moment he spots petite make-up artist on the set, he knows he will risk it all to have her.Slowly Ethan and Rachel build a friendship while trying to fight the growing attraction between them. One night after Rachel comes to Ethan’s rescue, the two give into their desires and passion. Ethan knows he want more than a sexual fling with Rachel but convincing her to risk it all is proving to be the hardest challenge of his life. When the paparazzi finally catch wind of their affair, Rachel must finally make a choice.Ethan had his work cut out for him throughout the entire book. He was so sweet and down to earth. I just could not understand why Rachel was giving him a hard time. There were moments where I wanted to shake her. Rachel had a lot of issues with the spotlight because after her parents died when she was a young age, the cameras followed her and her sisters around as they grew up. Finally as an adult, she was able to shake them off and live her life like most normal people. I could relate to Rachel’s reluctance with going full fledge into a relationship with Ethan because it threatened the very thing she valued and that was her privacy. However, he never did anything to put himself in the spotlight so I felt he didn’t deserve for her to block him out completely. I was glad when the conflict was resolved and the two got their HEA which was romantic.I recommend this book for those die-hard romantics like myself. I’m also looking out for the rest of the books in this series which is written by some of my favorite authors.