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Butterfly - Rochelle Alers Butterfly is the tale of one woman’s life to fly to the top, having to take in heartache, betrayal and life’s hardest lessons by the men in her life. Fans of Rochelle Alers’s Hideaway series might be in for a surprise with her new turn of direction.Seneca Houston is a twenty year old woman on the brink of a major career move. After two years of hanging out with her friend, Luis Navarro, an upcoming fashion designer that labels her his muse and dubs her “Butterfly” she is introduced to Booth Gordon. Booth is the owner of BGM agency. Having molded the careers of the most successful and powerful celebrities, he knows raw talent when he sees it and he definitely sees it in the young and extremely beautiful Seneca. Eager to gain capital off of his new project, he signs her up under his company and promises her a career as the next supermodel. Seneca can’t believe her luck. She knows that signing Booth as her agent would open up doors for her but fame comes at a price and Seneca has yet to learn what she will have to give up. The story unfolds as an older Seneca is giving an exclusive tell-all interview to a journalist. She reveals her younger days as she is pulled into the spotlight and the expectations of Booth and all of the people in her life. During this time, Seneca meets Phillip Kingston, a hot NBA player, who depicts everything she wants in a man. A whirlwind affair begins and before long Seneca is sucked into the glamorous lifestyle, shedding her image as Seneca and emerging as Butterfly. Eventually she learns of Phillip’s past and the two split.After years of strutting the catwalk and dealing with her family drama, Butterfly decides she needs a little R& R to see if she wants to continue to be in the spotlight. Booth offers his vacation home in Dominican Republic where she runs into Dr. Eliot Rollins a well known plastic surgeon. Immediately the two bond and forge a friendship. When tragedy strikes Seneca, Eliot is there to carry her through the storm and for once Seneca, the woman, realizes that she finally have what she always needed: love.What I did not like about this book was that the better half of the story was spent on Seneca’s early days and her romance with Phillip. There was even more love scenes between Seneca and Phillip I had to stop several times and go back to the description to clarify whether he was the hero of the story or not. It wasn’t until I was 85% (according to my kindle device) through the book, that the hero was introduced. Needless to say I was rather frustrated because I felt that Dr. Eliot Rollins got shorted his part in the story. The two fell in love in two weeks and as the drama was wrapped up, it was fast-forwarded back to the journalist who was in awe of her story and how she finally found Eliot. I had more emotions invested in Phillip and he turned out not to be the “one.”Overall, I felt slighted at the lack of romance between the hero and heroine. I would have enjoyed this way better if there was more time with Eliot.