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Skintight - Susan Andersen Showgirl Treena McCall is a sweet woman who had big dreams of opening up her own dance studio. Her dream is derailed when she takes care of her dying husband. She used up all of his fortune and her savings to care for him but she’s not complaining. After his death, she is back in the dance troupe and she just wants to do the one thing she has always loved. Jax Gallagher is a professional gambler who makes a bet and loses his father’s World Series baseball. The problem is that the ball is in possession of his father’s young, gold digging wife, Treena McCall. Jax comes up with a plan to seduce his way into Treena’s house in search of the ball because the goons who he has lost the bet to, threatens to break his fingers. Of course, Jax finds out that Treena is not the gold digger he had thought she was, but she is a down to earth woman that he is slowly falling in love with. Once he realizes his emotions, he has to find a way to tell Treena that he is really Jackson McCall. When the truth is revealed, Jax learns that Treena was planning to give the ball to him all along.I am a fan of contemporary romance stories and I wanted to rate this book higher but Jax’s stubbornness prevented me from doing so. His inner dialogue and complaining about his relationship with his father was tiring. After years of overcoming his awkwardness, he should have been more confident but instead his insecurities were shown. After a while, I just wanted him to get over it. The ending was also a bit disappointing. The so-called bad guys’ actions were unbelievable at the climax of the story. They were suppose to be big and bad but one of them was a big Elvis impersonator and I’m not sure if that was suppose to be humorous but it missed the mark. The action was severing lacking and they end up walking away.The conflict is strong and the tension throughout the book provides enough angst to the story. Secondary characters provide for entertainingly, laugh out loud addition. I look forward to Carly’s story, which Andersen nicely sets up at the end of the book.