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Under Apache Skies - Madeline Baker I think this was really a 2.5 star read for me. For one thing, I didn't like how the author harped on the fact that the heroine was not as pretty as the other sister, especially in the beginning of the book. While I'm not always looking for perfect looking characters, I don't need a constant reminder that she was not the beauty in the family. Then the hero kisses the younger sister because he was comforting her. When he goes to comfort the heroine, he kisses her too. I didn't like that. The younger sister got on my nerves b/c she was with Cory but there was a part where she was like Cory's kisses did not feel like the hero's kisses and then fast forwarded a bit she pleaded with her sister to allow her and Cory to marry b/c they were in love. Then when she is kidnapped, she quickly forget about Cory. The sister did not add anything to this story, in fact, she deduction stars off of this. Then after the first sexual experience for both sisters, the men turn to them and asked, "Are you ok?"They look and say "Better than ok!" I'm sorry but that worked my nerves really bad because they were all seductive too. LOL! I don't know about anybody's first time but the females don't normally say that. The story was good in parts but there was other silly parts to it too.