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Stolen Seduction - Elisabeth Naughton I wanted to give this more stars but there was a lot of stupid stuff going on in this book. It was a bad way to end the trilogy, which was a really good series, especially the first book. Hailey and Shane got on my nerves for the better part of the book. They constant bickered and there was no real emotional connection. I only felt the sexual chemistry. I don't like that much conflict in my story. Oh, she gets her Aha moment when Lisa tells her what Shane had been through in his life. So now you want to love him? *sarcasm dripping here*The action didn't pick up right away and there was a lot of nothing really going on. Too many loopholes in the story. Then she threw in a side romance with Billy and Nicole, the Paris Hilton wannabe, who actually was suppose to be smart. WHATEVER!Then there was the whole thing with Shane not wanting to have kids and at the end there was a baby thrown in there and he was cool with it. Really? Sounds stupid to me!I liked the twist in the suspense but other than that, I felt cheated out with the last book in this trilogy.