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Savor the Moment - Angela Dawe, Nora Roberts This was not a good read for several reasons:1. Laurel was very childish and cranky. She was snapping at Del throughout the whole book and it turned me off from her.2. There was too much time where Laurel was telling her emotions to the girls and not to Del.3. Now that I really think about this series, these women remind me of a sorority. I just can't understand how they are together every day all day. It was too much for me. I must be very moody right now but I couldn't deal with them.4. Do they ever stop working or exercising. Speaking of exercising, I was sick of that and drinking tea. Tea is not the equivalent to a meal. I wondered whether they were heavy set children and that is why they feel the need to exercise all day. Really, the author need to stop harping on those details and get back to the romance.5. There was no conflict except Laurel's attitude. She turned into my least favorite character.6. Del needed a nicer woman. She fought him at every turn. He wanted to explore where the kiss could go and she was snapping at him. I found this contradictory to her stating that she had a crush on him since forever. If my childhood crush stated he wanted to start dating me, I would be all over him.7. Not enough of Parker and Mal (hey, at least they entertained me and they had more of a connection than Del and Laurel).