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Tracker's Sin - Sarah McCarty Readers who have been waiting to learn of Ari’s fate, wait no more, Sarah McCarty delivers the latest installment of her Hell’s Eight series.Tracker Ochoa is a man who knows about pain and suffering. Having lived through a massacre, Tracker knows hard living and knows that many don’t accept him because he Native American. He promised his friend’s wife, Desi (the heroine from book 1) that he will bring back her sister, Ari, who was taken by the Comancheros.He arrives in a small town to learn that an older Mexican couple is taking care of Ari and her baby boy, Miguel. She believes she is married to the elderly couple’s son and he is dead. Since she can’t remember anything from her past, even her marriage, Tracker fears telling her that she was taken by the Comancheros and that there is a good chance that she was never married and that Miguel is a product of rape.While in town together, a group of men corner them and Tracker threatens to harm them if they touch his “wife”. Though the declaration is not valid in the church’s eyes, it’s valid in the eyes of the Indians. There is a dangerous appeal that lures Ari to Tracker and the two are caught in a compromising position. Trying to do the honorable thing, Tracker agrees to marry Ari. Before they can legally marry, Tracker has to rush to get Ari and the baby back to Hell’s Eight territory because the Comancheros are tracking them down.Having been a fan of the series, I eagerly anticipated Ari’s story especially since she is a focal point in each of the preceding books. I’m not an emotional reader but there were times that I had to put down the book and wipe away a few tears. When Ari’s memories returns, my heart broke for her because it is as though she is suffering through the abuse all over again.Ari feels guilt, anger and misplaced anger when she comes face to face with Desi. She believes Desi chose to save herself, leaving Ari to get brutally raped by the men. Though there are no graphic details of Ari’s rape since it is really only mentioned, readers still get a sense of the horrific abuse that took place. She is unaware that Desi suffered abuse as well. Their reconciliation brought tears to my eyes.Tracker is kind and loving with Ari. He believes he is not worthy of her love because of his past. I would have liked to discover why he felt unworthy. I related to his fear of Ari learning the truth because she was raped by men who looked like him, so he knew there was a chance she would not accept him any longer (She has no memory during their first love scenes). Slowly as she struggles to heal from the pain, she opens up to Tracker. “I’m yours, Tracker. I always have been, even before I knew you. I am not a stranger to the ways a man wants a woman. What I am a stranger to is how it feels for a man to take a woman in those ways, with love.” The dialogue is sweet and the readers get a real sense of the emotions and conflicts Tracker and Ari have to endure. “Emotions flared in his eyes as he brought her wrist to his mouth. It had taken her a long time to recognize what that emotion was, but she knew now. It wasn’t flashy. It wasn’t overt, but it was as powerful and as deep as the man himself. It was love.”I think fans will enjoy this addition of the series. I’m excited to find out what happens next with the Hell’s Eight.