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A Summer in Sonoma - Robyn Carr I really enjoyed this book but there was alot of stuff that kept me from loving or really liking this book. The story revolves around four friends but Cassie seem to be a focal point in my opinion. I started off liking Cassie but then she revealed herself to me. While I understood that she didn't want another relationship, she strung Walt along in my book. Then she refuse to give their relationship a try because he was a biker and he didn't look the way that she wanted him to look. It distracted from their story.My next issue was with Julie harping on her financial situation. Julie and her husband could barely keep food on the table. They were really struggling and while it made them seem more human (cause I do get tired of everyone having money in my romance)there was too many pages devoted to their financial problems and debt. Marty and Beth became secondary characters that I didn't care about. The book was written in typical Robyn Carr style. There was talk of babies, lots of medical chatter and descriptions. I really wish she would pull back from that because it always make me think she is giving a health lecture in her books.