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His Darkest Embrace - Juliana Stone Juliana Stone delivers the second installment to her wildly, hot and exotic Jaguar Series.Skye Knightly is a proud fierce eagle knight shifter. Her kind has been extinct for many years, killed off by different shifters, especially the jaguars. The eagle knights are guardians of different artifacts and Skye has a duty to protect a well sought after artifact. Her father was once keeper of a portal that opens up the underworld. His last mission before his murder was to seal the portal to ensure that all of mankind would continue. Skye and her brother Finn set out on the deadly mission in the jungles of Belize to do just that. There is one catch—Skye has to give up her soul to ensure that the portal is sealed.The story picks up a few months after the first book, His Darkest Hunger, leaves off. Jagger Castille, a proud jaguar warrior is in the Belizean jungle hiding from life. After returning home from his time in the military, he helped his brother Jaxon find his mate in the jungle. When everyone escapes back home, he runs deep into the jungle trying to figure things out. So after months of living out in the wild, he is surprised to see a beautiful blonde fighting off two of his enemies, the DaCosta jaguars. The animal in him roars to life at the sight of her and Jagger risks all to save her.After learning of her plight, Jagger promises to help her, so the two team up and race through the jungle, fighting off enemies of all sorts to save the world. The chemistry between Jagger and Skye is intense. Sky is leery of trusting Jagger because he is a jaguar and she was taught that they were killers. Jagger wants to know what she is hiding. The tension basically sizzles off of the pages.They both know that they are mated to one another but there are so many elements stopping them. Skye is torn. She has finally found the right man but can’t have him because she has to sacrifice her life. The initial distrust they have for one another at the beginning of the book drags a bit longer than I would have liked but it was understandable.My biggest problem with this book is that the action is basically packed towards the end of the story. All of the characters, both good and bad, make an appearance and then there is a huge cliffhanger. I’m not a fan of cliffhangers because they normally take away from the story but the author does show that there is an HEA. My questions are unanswered but we get an idea of what is to come with the next Castille brother. After finding out who his love interest is, I am excited to continue the series.