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The First Love Cookie Club - Lori Wilde An emotional read that will pull on the heart strings and bring readers a lot of holiday cheers.It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! After reading this book, I’m in holiday mode. The book starts off with fifteen year old Sarah Collier who is spending the Christmas time with her grandmother, Mina in the small town of Twilight, Texas. Following in the tradition of her grandmother, Sarah bakes kismet cookies and places them under her pillow to dream of her one true love. Year after year, she dreams of Travis Walker. This year when she learns that Travis is marrying another woman, she rushes to stop it but she is unsuccessful. Heartbroken and embarrassed, Sarah buries her beliefs in true love and the Christmas spirit.Years later, Sarah Collier is now Sarah Cool, a successful children’s author living large in New York City. She is stumped to get her next book out by the end of the year and her agent, Benny has a plan. A little girl name Jazzy is ill and wishes for nothing more than to see Sarah Cool, so Benny enlist Sarah to attend a book signing and honored in the Twilight’s festivities. Sarah is mortified upon learning that she will be back in Twilight. She has yet to overcome her embarrassment with Travis but she doesn’t want to disappoint Jazzy.No one is more surprised than Sarah to learn that Jazzy’s father is no other than Travis. Though she knows she can’t avoid him forever, it makes their reunion more difficult. Since Travis and his wife split up, the ladies of the First Love Cookie Club have tricks up their sleeves and they are playing matchmaker.This story is very emotional and touching. The characters will make readers laugh and cry. I fell for Travis immediately. The devotion and love he displays for Jazzy will pull at readers’ heartstrings. He goes through so much to make sure that she has the best possible care. As the story progresses, more obstacles are thrown in his way but he remains so optimistic and calm.The love between Travis and Sarah is gradual with sexual tension. Sarah is afraid to lose her heart to Travis again. Travis whole world revolves around Jazzy but the chemistry between him and Sarah is hard to ignore. Jazzy is a great child character and she makes the story that much more emotional. Readers will want to know if there is a happy ending for her as well.The secondary characters make fore a great addition to the story. They add spice and side stories that keep the book from becoming too hokey. One of the ladies harbors a secret that she is afraid for the town to learn, especially her husband. Well, I don’t want to give anything away but once the secret is revealed, I was slightly disappointed because there is no resolution. I went back to make sure I didn’t miss what happened next for this character but nope, the author left me hanging. I hope that the author explains what is to come for her in another book but I still felt cheated.Overall, a very light romance that will get readers ready for the holiday season.