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Seducing the Succubus (A Sisters of Darkness Novel) - Cassie Ryan Jezebeth is a succubus fulfilling her obligation to her boss, the Queen of Succubus, by seducing men. She is hiding out from a very powerful demon whom she has helped double cross along with her sisters and their Queen, Lilith. She meets Noah Halston, a horror writer sent by Lilith to bring Jezebeth back to the succubus domain.Noah is forced to do as Lilith wishes because of his one error. While doing research for his next book, he stumbles upon an incantation that will summon the Queen of Succubus. While dictating the incantation, Lilith appears and instead of spending the night with her as the incantation describes, she spares his life in exchange for his escorting Jezebeth back to her lair.The first book in a series is always hard to get into, especially when there is a lot world building but I found it very difficult to become engaged in this book. The overall premise is a bit silly in my opinion. A horror writer and a succubus teaming up to fight off a demon who has been chasing her for years. Jezebeth is introduced to the hero when he jumps in to save her from a demon with a super soaker toy gun filled with holy water, something he has picked up during his research of demons. A little push of the imagination is always welcomed with me but in this case it made the first action scene a bit childish. At times the plot seems contrived.Even though Jezebeth and Noah are the main characters in this book, I became more interested in Uriel and Lilith's forbidden desires. The archangels in the story hold a more entertaining tale in the book and that left me slightly disappointed in the overall story because they are not the main characters. Only curiosity made me continue with the rest of the book.There is a lot thrown in the book and at times it is a bit overwhelming to keep up with so much information and characters, which is understandable in a first book of a series. My problem with this book, beside the fact that it was not all that interesting, was that there is nothing memorable to the story for there to have been so much going on. There is nothing that stood out to me, which made the book forgettable.The love scenes are explicit and scorching. This book should come with a warning: Have a glass of ice cold water on hand and a fan. If you are not a fan of ménages, then I don't recommend this book.My curiosity may force me to pick up the next book but I'm still undecided.