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Sunrise Over Texas - M.J. Fredrick This story was a great western/frontier story. I had a great time reading this. Kit Barclay is stranded at a fort with her mother and sister-in law after her husband dies. For three months, she has been breaking her back trying to take care of them but time is running out. She is at her wits end when she spots a stranger falling off his horse. Afraid and confused, she decides to help him recover in hopes that he could help her and her family. The slow relationship between Trace and Kit was fantastic. She was leery of him but attracted to him at the same time. Trace was running from painful memories and he fought his attraction to Kit. But as he got stronger and was able to help out, he saw the strong and determine woman she was. I think Kit was the perfect heroine. She was strong when she needed to be and she didn't get too masculine with Trace. In fact, he appreciated all of her strengths. I wanted Kit to get rid of Agnes. She didn't appreciate anything that Kit did. The end was a total surprise. I got very emotional because there is a twist and you really don't know how Kit should deal with the situation. I thought about it a couple of times and then I finally accepted her decision.Good story!