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Because of You - Rochelle Alers I debated how to go about this review for a while. On one hand, I did enjoy this book. It was a typical Rochelle Alers novel. The characters are normally strong and have great characteristics (almost too great). The storyline flows but I noticed lately that the same things that I love about Rochelle Alers are some of the same things that I don’t like anymore. The stories are becoming too similar in style. I felt like I read about Jordan and Aziza before. Jordan was more likeable in my opinion than Aziza. At times, I didn’t get any emotions from her. I felt like there was some wall there and I wondered why Jordan was interested. Then I became annoyed with the way that the characters always seem too “out together” lately. They talk too perfect and look good. They eat great food. It becomes too much. I would love to see Rochelle Alers write about characters with flaws. Her characters are mostly perfect in every sense.