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Seduced on the Red Carpet - Ann Christopher I’ll be the first to admit that I was not aware of Ann Christopher’s book and that I did not know how talented she is. I’m glad that I picked up this book. I was excited to learn that Livia Blake (Star of His Heart) and Hunter Chambers ( Ethan’s big brother from Star of His Heart) were getting their own story. Livia Blake is Napa to help her friend Rachel plan her wedding to Ethan Chambers. She happens to stumble upon Kendra, a shy and sweet girl. While she likes the girl, her father is a totally different story. Hunter has his reason for being cold at first and fighting the attraction. Since he lost his wife, he fears falling in love and breaking his heart all over again. His daughter, Kendra, is also grieving and trying to cope with the lost. Slowly, Livia worms her way into their family and their hearts.Ann Christopher did a great job of developing the characters. I liked all of the characters, even Hunter who I did want to smack at times. Overall, this was a sweet and tender love story. I can’t wait to see what’s next from her. I’m going to go and read her backlist.