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Second Chances - Lauren Dane Rori is back at home looking and feeling great. She has come a long way from the shy, fat girl from high school. Not only has she shed the pounds but she has gain the self confidence that she needs. She has always crushed on Jude, the local bad boy and now he wants a chance with her. They start seeing one another but Jude is not the type of guy to settle down with one guy. Feeling a bit crushed from his womanizing ways, Rori moves onto Zach (her best friend's brother) and a hot and steamy affair takes place. This is where the problem occurs. At first, I became invested in Jude. Yes, he didn't know how to deal with his emotions and he had some issues but I believed he cared for Rori. Then she throws Zach in real quick and I eventually warmed up to him. Their sex scenes were HOT! She becomes his sub and they get their happily ever after. Then once I became focused on Zach, bam he dies! So now Jude is there to step up and take over. The process is slow but he eventually win Rori over. That's the problem. There was two love stories in this short story and it was not fleshed out enough. I had a hard time at the end believing how sincere Jude was when it came to Zach's death because they had tension for a while because of Rori. Not to mention, Jude tells Zach that he loves her and Zach is like "I know but she is mine. But hey, just in case something happens, take care of her. You know what she needs." Uh??? That's not a realistic response when your adversary tells you he loves your girl. I didn't like how that all went down.