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Fatal Affair - Marie Force If you love a good mystery thriller with romance thrown in the mix, then you will definitely love Fatal Affair. This was my first book by Marie Force and it won't be my last.Detective Sergeant Sam Holland is recovering from a bad error in judgment on the job that cause a child's life. After suffering from the guilt, she needs something to get her back in the game and nothing is better than working on the murder case of Senator John O'Connor. The last thing she need is any complications but she get that when she comes face to face with Nick Cappuano, the Senator's Chief of Staff and Sam's former love. Nick is the key witness and he can provide her with the inside access to the Senator's life, so Sam needs him. Not only does she needs him, she wants him but she has to stay focus because slowly more incidents are occurring and people are dying.Sam was raw and Nick was the sweet guy. I really liked the chemistry between the two and I liked that their hot night six years ago was acknowledged right away. I admit that in the beginning, I wanted some more sexual/intimacy between the characters but under the circumstances I waited patiently for the tension to build. There was a lot of twist in this story. I did not know who the killer was until close to the end. The suspense was killing me and I sped through the pages, trying to figure it out. This read more like a suspense novel than romance but there was some hot scenes that kept me going. Overall, I would recommend this to fans of romantic-suspense.