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Chasing the Sun (Blood Rose, #3) - Kaki Warner Kaki Warner really is a true western romance writer. She nails it in the final book of the Blood Rose Trilogy. Jack Wilkins is the adventurous, easy-going brother. He is so different from his worrying, hard-ass brother, Brody and his strong, silent brother, Hank. He is looking for the right place to fit in. The problem is that Jack doesn’t want to be tied down to anything. He wants to see the world. After visiting Australia, he returns home in hopes to win over his childhood sweetheart but instead he gets a rude awakening when a blast from his past shows up on the ranch with his child in tow.Daisy Etheridge has hopes of becoming a famous singer. An opportunity presents itself and she needs some way to support her baby with a man whom she had fallen in love with. She seeks Jack Wilkins’s family while believing he is away in another country. This is probably the most emotional and touching book in the trilogy. The way the story unfolds and the way that the ties that binds are threatened will capture a reader attention from the very start until the last page. I’m a reader who enjoys romance in my romance stories. The sex, secondary characters, and scenery are all additional elements that when they are combined with the romance makes the “perfect” story in my opinion. I got so much more than romance from this story and that is what makes this a good and solid read. It is wonderful to watch Daisy and Jack fall in love with so many obstacles blocking them from their own HEA. Their daughter, Kate, is a wonderful addition and Jack falling for his own child is such a joy to watch. I believe that the child in the story (I’m not always a big fan of that) does add to this because it is another way of reflecting on how much Jack will evolve as a man throughout the story.As Jack is falling for little Kate and discovering the joys of being a father, Daisy is falling for him, knowing that she will never have him.“I know you, Jack,” she went on before he could speak. “I’ve seen your ocean in the mountains and I know why it draws you. You need to be out there somewhere, chasing the sun across the sky. You need to be free.”Daisy is a strong heroine and though her affair with Jack was brief, she knows how to handle him. I laughed at the banter between those two. Jack tries so hard to charm her and he fails miserably and his brothers are there to laugh at him the whole way. There is a lot of humor in this book.All of the characters from the previous books are present and more problems are presented. The author does a great job resolving all problems and tying up loose ends from previous books in this installment. I loved reading the epilogue and learning what happened to all of the characters. Everything comes full circle and readers will be completely satisfied.