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Have Baby, Need Billionaire - Maureen Child Maureen Child delivers a two-part emotionally satisfying read with Have Baby, Need Billionaire.Sometimes a man needs a little of the unexpected to shake things up and that’s exactly what Tula Barrons does to Simon Bradley. Simon is a take charge business man who is use to getting everything that he wants. He has his life planned out but when Tula shows up one day at his office to deliver the news that he has a son. Simon is more than furious but once he sees his son for the first time, there is no doubt that he wants his child.Simon felt the baby’s heartbeat racing beneath his hands and there was a… connection that he’d never felt before. It was basic. Complete. Staggering.In that instant―that heart-stopping, mind-numbing second―Simon was lost.He knew it even as he stood there beneath Tula Barron’s less than approving stare, that this was his son and he would do whatever he had to keep him.Recently Tula’s cousin died, leaving Tula in charge of her son, Nathan, temporarily. First, she has to go inform the child’s father of Nathan’s existence and before she can relinquish her “guardian” responsibility to Simon, she must see him fit to be a father.The chemistry between Simon and Tula is scorching. From their first encounter all the way through, the heat level is up high. There is an instant attraction between the two opposites though they fight it all the way through. Tula’s reason for keeping Simon at bay is plausible. Simon reminds her of father, a powerful rich man who has little time in life for anything or one besides work. Tula and her relationship with her father is turbulent at best. She knows what it is like to feel lonely and unwanted by her father and she doesn’t want the same thing to happen with her and Simon.Simon is very cold at times but he does warm up. There is no denying his attraction to Tula and the soft spot growing in his heart for Nathan. It is enjoyable to watch both his feelings for Tula and Nathan progress through the story. Once Simon learns that Tula’s father is his adversary he doubts her and goes on the attack. There are definitely times when I had wanted Tula or anyone to bop Simon upside his head but eventually he pulls himself together.My only problem is that this is a story I have read before. The plot is predictable and you already know the outcome but sometimes that is expected with Harlequin stories. Yet, I smiled and sighed at that epilogue, glad that I got to read another HEA.