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The CEO's Accidental Bride - Barbara Dunlop When a night of passion leads to an unexpected marriage, two people will find that the unexpected can be the best thing to ever happen to you.Kaitlin Saville despises Zach Harper with everything in her. He is the root cause of all of her recent pains and suffering. She has just got fired from her job at a prestigious Manhattan architectural firm and it’s all Zach’s fault. Her reputation is ruined and she can’t get another job in her field in New York, so her only option is to move away. While planning her next move, Zach shows up announcing he needs help with a little problem.Zach knows that there is some bad blood between him and Kaitlin but he can’t focus on that. He has just learned that his recently deceased grandmother has left everything to his wife; a woman that his attorney informs him is Kaitlin. During a recent work party in Vegas, a very drunk Kaitlin and Zach get married by Elvis, whom they had thought was playing around. Kaitlin just wants a clean get away so she’ll divorce Zach but first she wants a little revenge and to see the cool and calm Zach in such disarray is enjoyable. However, her best friend and attorney, does a little digging and finds that Kaitlin is the owner of the Harper’s family company and she inherited a whole lot more than just a husband.The story is one that has been done more times than I can count but the characters are what make this story so likeable and memorable. Once Kaitlin learns of her leverage, she negotiates a deal with Zach to be reassigned as his architect and to renovate the Harper building. Zach wants his grandmother’s memory to be respected and Kaitlin’s ideas of renovation are the total opposite. He enlists his friend and lawyer, Dylan, to help him take down Kaitlin. Their schemes will make readers laugh.Zach’s family is descendents of pirates. They own an island right off the coast of New York and Zach takes Kaitlin and Lindsay (best friend/lawyer) there to see why it is so important to him to keep up with family traditions. The castle and pirates, I admit, threw me off a bit because I didn’t expect it in a modern day romance story or for the author to constantly make mention of them. It is also clear that the author favors prehistoric buildings or architect through her description of the scenery on the island. But it is as the island that Zach and Kaitlin will learn that it is so much more at stake than a silly war they got going on.The side romance between Dylan and Lindsay adds more charm and humor to the story. Some of the most humorous lines came from them and at times their love/hate antics seems a bit immature but I easily gloss over that fact. Overall, I would recommend this book for those who want a surprisingly nice and quick read.