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Every Chance I Get - AlTonya Washington Misha Bales is finally picking back up the pieces. Six years earlier she was involved in a steamy affair with Talib Mason, the man she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with. Her HEA didn’t quite turn out the way that she wanted. The book starts off at high speed six years prior to the present date. Misha is in a bad car accident after running off from a big fight with Talib.Talib rushes to the hospital and learns Misha will eventually recover. He is still hurt by her betrayal and leaves immediately. Six years later, he returns to town to help one of their mutual friends with a joint business effort. Misha is shaken up by his arrival and tries to stay far away from him. However, Talib has different plans for them. He wants another shot with Misha and he is willing to do whatever it takes. Talib’s business is booming and the press is all over his story. He offers Misha, who is a journalist, an exclusive story in order to spend more time with her and make her realize that they are supposed to be together.Misha’s reluctance is understandable. Talib accused her of sleeping with him to get a high profile story. It is rather surprising that she agrees (though her boss does twist her arm a bit) to do the interview. She loves him but she is afraid to get hurt. The question that I wanted answered was what made Talib change his mind about Misha’s betrayal? The answer never came and my frustration with this story began.This book had the potential of getting an 8 star rating but it falls short on so many levels. I was highly disappointed by the writing in this book because I’m a huge fan of Altonya Washington’s work. Fans of her Ramsey series don’t expect the same thrilling read with Every Chance I get. My problem with this story is that the author didn’t give a detailed explanation of what went wrong with Misha and Talib the first time. It is hard to believe they are getting there second shot at their HEA when you don’t know what went wrong the first one.There is a lot of intimacy thrown in the story and I’m not sure if that is supposed to make readers believe Misha and Talib are supposed to be together but it doesn’t work. Sex didn’t fix their problems and I was slightly disappointed in the remedy. Also, Misha and Talib never really have a conversation about their past. Every time one of them would start the conversation, the other would interject and stop it, claiming it was too painful. Overall, their HEA is not realistic in my opinion.