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To Tempt a Sheikh - Olivia Gates Prince Harres Aal Shalaan, second son of the king, is assigned to rescue a hostage by the name of T.J. Burke. He has been hunting for the man for a long time, but it is almost as if T.J. is a figment of his imagination. Hot on a trail, he goes to a hotel room and spots a small, young man with an intense gaze. He knows something isn’t right with T.J., but now is not the time to question him. Harres has to rescue T.J. because his rivals are on their backs.Once they are in close proximity, Harres realizes that T.J. is really a woman. Talia Jasmine Burke is the one that he has been chasing. Though there is distrust between them, Harres vows not to let anything happen to her. The attraction between them is swift and powerful. T.J. refuses to tell him anything, but Harres has some pretty persuasion methods of getting the truth out of her.Harres is injured, and he needs some the information that T.J. holds, so he takes them away to an Oasis. Harres is a smooth seducer, but T.J. can’t give in. They both play for different teams and the information that T.J. knows can hurt Harres.Olivia Gates writes intense and well-constructed scenes. I love her ability to use and play with words. Some might call her writing flowery or overly dramatic, and at times it is, but that’s what makes her books so funny and entertaining. Her scenes are also descriptive and exotic.Harres and T.J. immediately form a connection that leads to some quirky and humorous banter. I love how he calls her out on her identity as soon as he recognizes her. The one thing that I really like about Olivia Gates’s books is that her heroines are equally strong as the heroes. T.J. doesn’t let Harres roll all over. Though their partnership in unlikely, it leads for some passionate play.I can’t wait to read the next book in this series. If you’re a fan of exotic scenery and in need of a quick and easy read, then I recommend To Tempt a Sheikh.