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Blood of the Rose - Kate Pearce Kate Pearce delivers an exciting and thrilling sequel in her Tudor Chronicles series. Blood of the Rose picks up a year after Rosalind and Christopher’s separation in Kiss of the Rose. Rosalind Llewellyn is ordered back to the court. The king is facing an even bigger threat than the Spanish Vampire she had defeated. Rosalind is nervous about returning to the court and facing Christopher Ellis after their intense and passionate affair.Christopher is enjoying his time with the king. He is held in high regards and when his friends, the Boleyn take their place at the court, he is delighted. However, Rosalind returns and points out that Ann Boleyn is indeed a vampire and is plotting to harm the king, he must join forces with her again. Kate Pearce weaves a wonderful paranormal spin about the Tudor family. The Tudor era is fascinating and compelling. Her characters are fresh, sensual and complex. Rosalind is a kick-ass vampire hunter that is strong and equally appealing. At times, I wanted to shake her because she kept pushing Christopher away at times when I felt she should have got closer to him.Christopher is a wonderful hero. His love for Rosalind is strong and obvious. He tries so hard to protect her and does give it his all. Christopher faces a lot of obstacles and dilemmas in this tale. His alliance with Rosalind creates an undeniable hardship with his oath to the Mithras Cult and the vampires. He must decide to fulfill his promise to them or protect the woman he loves. Christopher’s choice leads to some deadly consequences. Rosalind is force to watch Christopher play a dangerous game with Ann Boleyn in order to save the crown. Ann is actually a great villain. She lures Christopher in her plot and they share an interesting past. Rosalind’s partnership with the three men that she is bound to is tested and more is at stake this time around. Pearce does an excellent job at revealing all the characters emotions and their intense distrust and apprehension.Bold and rich secondary characters are penned in this wonderful tale. They add a complexity and intriguing element to the story. In this story we learn more of Christopher’s past and some new characters are added. I anticipate learning more about them in the books to come.Overall, picking up Blood of the Rose is a must! Readers will finally be delighted to read about Christopher and Rosalind’s plight to a deserving HEA. Ms. Pearce has hit her stride and I can’t wait for the next book in this series.