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The Christmas Brides: A McKettrick ChristmasA Creed Country Christmas - Linda Lael Miller A McKettrick ChristmasLizzy McKettrick is excited to go home to her family. She brings along her beau, who believes will propose to her. The train carrying Lizzy home is buried under an avalanche and she and the other passengers are stuck in the cold. Dr. Morgan Shane immediately springs into action, helping to care for the passengers that were hurt in the accident. Lizzy admires Morgan’s compassion and his strength. She works alongside him to aid him with his medical attention and finds herself falling for him. I liked this story but the bulk of the story was spent on Lizzy and Morgan helping the passengers. Though I felt a connection between the two of them, I wanted more of a focus on them. The story shifts towards them towards the end. A Creed Country ChristmasLincoln Creed needs a governess for his young daughter Gracie. Her mother died leaving him a widow with a little girl that he can’t take care of alone. His luck is turning around when he helps a young schoolteacher and her small Indian school children out. Juliana Mitchell is left stranded with the last few of her pupils when the Indian school is closed down. Her brother refuses to send her any money because she had refused to marry the man of his choice. She is stuck out wild when Lincoln takes her and the students to his home while she tries to work out a plan. She never plans to fall for him or his daughter but she finds his warm spirit hard to resist.Lincoln finds is hard to let go with Juliana because his heart still belongs to his dead wife. They slowly build a friendship that leads to a romance. This story is more emotional because of the young children involved and the emotional background from the main characters. Overall, this is a great story with a nice happy ending.