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A Lot like Love - Julie James A well thought out plot, intricately weaved in with a sizzling romance makes A Lot Like Love a winner.Julie James writes a wickedly funny and entertaining story. FBI agent Nick McCall is on his way home to New York for his mother’s birthday party when his boss asks him to assist another agent out for one night. Things get real complicated when his fellow agent falls ill and he has to cover in his place.Billionaire heiress Jordan Rhodes is forced to help the FBI take down one of her friends in order to get help release her brother from prison. As soon as she realizes that she has to pretend to date Nick McCall, she knows she made a bargain with the devil. Pretty soon the “pretend” affair becomes something real.Julie James writing is fresh and witty. She pens characters that anyone could be. I want my very own Nick. He is a yummy Italian who is protective and smart. When the bad guy starts digging around, Nick has to stay around Jordan to help protect her while fighting his attraction and becoming distracted. Both Nick and Jordan have misconceptions about each other. Jordan believes Nick is this mean guy who is out to boss her around. Nick thinks that Jordan is a rich stuffy heiress. As they get to know each other, they realize they had it all wrong. Jordan is really a down to earth character and she openly displays her emotions. The romance in this book is probably one of the most realistic romances I have ever read. The characters have to learn to trust one another, build a sort of friendship and then they gradually fall for one another. They do acknowledge that they are attractive to one another but they don’t act on it right away. There is also just enough suspense and thrills to keep readers focused on the dangers that Jordan and Nick face but they don’t distract from the fact that this is a contemporary romance.The secondary cast of FBI characters adds fun to the story. The lines and banter is quick and humorous. I can’t wait to see which one of them falls in love next. I also look forward to Kyle’s (Jordan’s brother) story. I love me a geek!My only problem is that the book is rather predictable. All the players are known up front. Good guys? Check! Bad guys? Check! Even though the writing goes smoothly and the story is fast paced, there are no surprises or twists. I recommend A Lot Like Love for fans in need of a light and easy contemporary romance.