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The Lone Warrior - Denise Rossetti Mehcredi grew up a lone. Abandoned as a child, she has never felt the connection to anyone else until she is captured one day by a warrior. Mehcredi is confused as to why the warrior would want to harm her. Walker doesn’t take kindly to the fact that Mehcredi tried to harm his friend even if he starts to find her partially attractive. Mehcredi soon realizes that Walker is keeping her captive forever. He works his way into her body and heart. At first the relationship is a bit bumpy and Walker insists that Mehcredi will help his friend recover and act like a maid of sorts. Then slowly he sees her as the beauty she really is. Mehcredi begins to try to charm Walker and gets him to open up to her the way that he slowly gets her to feel for him.It is always hard to give a book a bad rated, especially when you believe it’s going to be a decent read. The Lone Warrior by Denise Rossetti turns out to be that book. It became difficult to get through it.The world building is a bit confusing. At times the story flowed and the dialogue and scenes makes sense. Then there are parts where the story basically comes to a halt and everything is jumbled. The magical world in which Walker and Mehcredi come from is briefly described. I’ve summed it up to being the third book in a series but there are still parts of the story that could have been explained better.The characters are unlikeable. Walker starts off the book a bit hostile and with good reason. However, I never got the idea that he really likes Mehcredi. He belittles her by calling her stupid and simple. I patiently waited for him to open up but he never did. I don’t like characters in which their barriers are never broken through.Mehcredi’s character didn’t develop probably. The author explains how Mehcredi is abandoned by her father. She doesn’t grow up in the conventional way and feels as though no one loves her. What makes me a bit uncomfortable is that she is described as big (in bone structure) and dense. It is hard to believe that a hero is going to find the heroine attractive when the author is constantly describing the heroine in such a manner. Basically, I didn’t feel anything for these characters.Overall, this book is a major let down. Maybe I’m not the audience that this book is targeted for.