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StarFire - Kate Douglas Kate Douglas brings her newest addition to her Demonslayer series to full steam. This story will pull readers in and leaves them satisfied.I have to say that I don’t particularly like reading books out of sequence. Sometimes an author doesn’t give enough background information to get an idea of what had occurred in prior books. With that being said, I had to go back a bit to understand the world building. Douglas does write in a way that flows and makes the readers know what happened prior to the current story. I do recommend going back and reading the first two books because the world can be a bit complicated. This book far exceeded my expectations.Selyn is a Forgotten One daughter who is being held captive by the Council of Nine. The women of Lemuria (her bonded sisters) are planning to escape when she is beaten and dragged by into captivity. Her only chance to escape and to begin the war against the council rests in the form of Dawson Buck, a healer, a man who will save her and restore her into a skillful warrior. Dawson brings out the passion that lies deep within Selyn. Together they must put everything on the line for their freedom and love. Selyn is a strong female character. She has survived much in her lifetime and I really liked her character throughout the book. I can always respect a strong female. After being chained, beaten and enslaved for years, Selyn still can hold her own. Her fiery personality and ability to not relent to her circumstances is compelling and makes one want to root for her. Dawson at times appears to be a side character. Then there are times when he compliments Selyn very well. He does have a challenged to heal Selyn with his love and affection, which by the end of the book he completes that challenge well. The emotional connection between Dawson and Selyn is well developed.My problem with them as a couple is that at times there is no romantic connection. Maybe that could be because this is an Urban Fantasy book and that in itself lacks the romantic undertones that I normally need to satisfy the romantic in me. I would have liked the author to spice it up a bit and make them scenes between them more heated.The action in this book is superb. I love the fast paced writing and the quick dialogue. The author knows how to pack a punch with deadly force. The book does have a tendency to move slowly in points but it picks up speed with the intensity of the action. Starfire is an enjoyable romantic urban fantasy read.