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The Harlot  - Saskia Walker The Harlot is an easy fast paced read that entices readers with eroticism and spellbinding fun.Gregor Ramsay is seeking revenge on his longtime enemy and has returned to Scotland to execute his plan. When he spots a fiery whore in a bar fight, he knows that she is the one he needs to bring his enemy to distraction. Before he could even get to her, she is arrested and accused of witchcraft. Gregor will go to any length to take his enemy, including breaking a whore out of jail.Jessie Taskill is about to go stir crazy inside of the prison walls. She is hesitant to use the magic brewing inside of her for fear that she will be burned for practicing witchcraft. Her luck changes when Gregor walks in to her cell disguised as a man of the cloth to help her escape. She is promised money and her freedom if she could seduce his enemy. Though not pleased with her bargain she is determined to fulfill it.As soon as they escape, Gregor sets out to teach Jessie how to seduce a man of wealth. The two spend a lot of time exploring the art of seduction and Gregor realizes that Jessie is a whole lot more than a whore. Her compassion and pain resonates deep inside him and he finds himself bewitched by her. I had misgivings about Jessie being a whore. She is passionate and enjoys taking pleasures with men. She doesn’t hide the fact that she wants Gregor and goes to any length to seduce him. Her wanton behavior might turn readers off initially but Walker eventually shows that she is more than a sensual creature. Ms. Walker fills every chapter with sensuality and passion. The love scenes brim with raunchy and explicit behavior. There is a lot of sex in this book but it is expected since it is erotica. The expectation that there will be no plot is squashed as readers delve further into the book and more of Jessie and Gregor’s background is revealed. The author’s ability to cover more than one sub-genre is remarkable and well executed. Warning: This book contains explicit sexual contents including f/f and m/m action.