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Already Home - Susan Mallery I really enjoy Susan Mallery's books. The stories and are almost always well-written and entertaining. Almost Home starts off a bit slow and is a less engaging but eventually picks up. Jenna Stevens returns to her hometown after divorcing her husband. On an impulsive move, she leases out a retail store. With no clue on how to run a business, she finds herself blindly starting over. She quickly hire Violet to help her run her cooking store. As she tries to settle into her new life, her biological parents show up, forcing her to connect with them and their family.The characters were realistic and well developed. By the end of the book, I saw growth in each one of them. Though the book centers around Jenna, the supporting characters captured my attention. Violet takes on a different relationship while trying to conceal her past. My problem is that Violent had blinders on for most of the book. For someone so street smart, she was rather dumb.My heart and sympathy went to both set of parents. Beth was really a good person to open her home and life up to Serenity. It would have been a struggle for any adoptive mother to do so. At times, I didn't like Serenity. Her pushy nature annoyed me but at the end I came to understood why she was so pushy.Overall, a good and heartwarming story.