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Tell Me More - Janet Mullany This is one of those books that will satisfy you on some levels and displease you on other levels. Even after thinking of the book for a while, I’m still not sure how much I enjoyed the story.Josephine Hutchinson is a late night classic music radio announcer. Her boyfriend cheated on her and she is caught up in a phone affair with a random guy, Mr. D. Her love life gets more complicated when she realizes she has feelings for her mystery man and embarks on several affairs to add a bit of spice to her conversations with Mr. D. To add more to the mix, she rents out an apartment to nerdy Irish man name Patrick.The story is slow to pick up as Jo converses with Mr. D. After a night of steamy conversation with Mr. D, she decides to date another man who introduces her to a sex group that disguises themselves as the association. Jo discovers her wild side as she jumps in and enjoys the sexual acts (including orgies) with the other members. Meanwhile, her relationship with Mr. D becomes tense because she wants more but is scared of getting her feelings hurt again.I love the sex scenes. The dirtier the better if you ask me but even the wild orgies and intense sexual tension did little to hold my attention. I really wanted to know what was going to happen with Mr. D or Patrick. There are too many characters introduced in the love scenes and they held no relevance. In my opinion Jo could have been more intimate with the men she cared about.Patrick is my secret fantasy, the sexy geek who is fun and endearing. His character plays a bit of a back role for the better half of the book. I’m not really sure why the author decides to add an affair between him and Kim. It really didn’t add to the story and made it awkward when Jo started to develop feelings for him. The author should have developed his character more and build more of a connection between him and Jo.The author’s development of Jo went south mid way through the book. Her character became almost intolerable. I like a bit of spice in my erotica but this is borderline trashy. Jo sleeps around a lot in this book with different members of the association while prolonging her intimacy with her love interest. She is betrayed several times by the members of the association, falling for their traps, which shows how smart she really is.Overall, this story was good for a quick, light and erotic read but fails if you’re looking for more substance in your erotica.