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Dark Viking - Sandra Hill The latest installation in the Viking Series by Sandra Hill is packed with a lot of humor and steamy love scenes.Rita Sawyer is a stunt woman who is recruited into the Navy SEALs, assuming she can pass hell week. Rita thrives on a challenge and being athletic definitely helps her. She is on a water test when she is zapped back in time. When she wakes up she is surrounded by Vikings.Steve Norstead embodies what a true alpha Viking male is. He is a warrior who is strong, fierce and respected by his people. The sea mermaid that washes up on his land defies him at every turn and he is not use to woman boldly expressing themselves. Her unusual ways intrigues him and Steven finds himself falling for a woman who he is not sure belongs in his world.One of the things that frustrate me about Rita, is that she rarely appears as though she is trying to return back to her time. She is almost complacent with her situation. There is never a real effort displayed throughout the book to show that she really wanted to leave this time period and return home. In the beginning the Vikings believe she is a sea siren and they hold her in captivity. They are not mean to her but the fact that they held her captive, makes it interesting that she did not try to escape immediately. The humor in this book is laugh out loud funny. Rita interacts with the Vikings realistically and her dialogue is some of the funniest in the book. Steve even throws in a few funny lines from time to time as he learns Rita’s quirky jokes and ways. I especially love the scene where she informs Steve that the Vikings have bad B.O. and she swears she is going to invent deodorant. However, the humor is almost, in my opinion, fillers for the lack of plot. While the humor is fun and contributes to the story, it also distracts from the real story. My problem with this book is that there is no clear, concise plot. The story is not structured properly. Aside from Rita going back in time, there was no other conflict. The story moves along, showing Rita and Steve’s relationship developing. Rita is finally presented with a way to go home but she has to decide whether to stay with Steve or go back to her former life. Old characters from a previous book surfaces and helps Rita with her decision. Overall, this story was entertaining but not nearly satisfying as I had hoped.