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A Night to Surrender - Tessa Dare The story started off a bit slow but it picks up once the H/h meet one another. Susanna is quite comfortable in Spindle Cove. She helps out poor young ladies who are sent their because they were rejected or took an illness. The women, with the help of Susanna and the sea air, find a way to flourish. The whole town is basically filled with women and they like it that way. Their peaceful haven is their sanctuary until Bram and his men arrive.Bram arrives in Spindle Cove with little knowledge of the place. He just knows that he need to set up a militia there but his plans are derailed when he meets Susanna and her ladies. The two clash over what the town needs. The characters are extremely passionate in their causes which leads to some very steamy scenes. The better part of the book shows Bram and Susanna sneaking around, hiding their emotions from the town and one another. They both had scars that needed healing and eventually they were able to heal one another.The town and the rest of the characters were great. I can't wait to know more about Kate. Also, the next story with Minerva and Colin. However, there was not much to the story, just another cute historical.