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Visions of Skyfire - Regan Hastings Teresa Santiago’s power has just awakened. She is on the run from the Magic Police and she doesn’t know how to control her powers yet. Help comes to her in the form of Rune, the Eternal destined to help her remember her past as a witch and locate a missing artifact that she has hidden years ago. In order to rid the world of evil and make right all of the wrong that she and her fellow sister witches created, Teresa must team up with Rune to fight off the bad guys.Rune is frustrated with his witch. From the very start they have been at odds. No matter how many reincarnations she still comes to him with mistrust and defiance. This time he can’t let his own mistrust of her get in the way of the goal. Despite the tug of war emotions between Rune and Teresa, they still can’t ignore the passion that sparks whenever they are together. The plot and outline of the story is very similar to the first book with the exception that Teresa has always known she is a witch. Her grandmother prepared her for the awakening so she is the least bit shock to come into her powers and meet her Eternal. In fact, the initial scene where Rune rescues her after her powers come out is humorous.“What took you so long?” she demanded. Pushing out of his arms, she glanced at her surroundings, then glared up at him. “Those guys nearly killed me.”Despite the pain of his bullet wounds, astonishment rose up. He hadn’t counted on this. Hadn’t expected it. He was prepared to deal with her panic. His own mate, it seemed, was not only aware of the situation but felt free to condemn him for a perceived slight.Teresa is an interesting character. At times I admire her strength and independence but those same qualities made her hot and cold. Her past incarnations made a lot of mistakes that left Rune a bit weary of her and she tries to prove to be a different woman but she still holds back from him. I’m fascinated by the world in which the author created but I’m slightly disappointed that I haven’t learned anything new from the first book. The similarities to the first book are odd and I hope the author develops the world more and add more creativity to the next book. The sneak peek of what is to come left me wanting more. I will not reveal any spoilers but it has the potential to add a bit more imagination to the next book. This is a great addition to a promising series.