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On the First Night of Christmas - Heidi Rice Cassie Fitzgerald and Jace Ryan knew each other in high school. In fact, Cassie has had a secret crush on him but he never noticed her. Years later, the two meet when Jace is speeding through the streets and splashes mud all over an angry Cassie. Impulsive, Cassie jumps into Jace’s car to give him a piece of her mind. Jace can’t believe that this crazy woman would jump in his car but he is mildly attracted to her and takes her back to his hotel to clean her off. The incident turns into a fling and Jace proposes to have a little holiday fun while he is in town for the week. Cassie quickly agrees but it is hard for her to keep her emotions out of the way.The emotional chemistry between Cassie and Jace is not strong enough. Cassie is far more emotional attached to Jace throughout the whole story. I didn’t buy that he realized he loved her at the very last second in the book. It seemed force and unbelievable due to the fact that each time she expressed her emotions, he basically said, “I’m flattered”. I wanted some reciprocation on some level. Jace does have some issues that he causes his to clam up emotionally but the author fails to show progression with his character emotionally. The sex scenes are hot and entertaining. The dialogue is quick and funny. I love the banter between Cassie and her best friend as she encourages Cassie to have fun with her man candy for the time being. The story is cute and entertaining.