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A Texas Christmas - Jodi Thomas, Linda L. Broday, Phyliss Miranda, Dewanna Pace One Wish: A Christmas Story by Jodi ThomasMargaret Allison is in some serious trouble. A group of drunken outlaws is headed into her store to rob her but the one man she hasn’t seen in years is there to rescue her. Sam Thompson remembers Margaret as the only person in school who treated him like a part of the community instead of an outsider. She has always held a special place in his heart and now he is more than willing to step out on the line to help her.After taking down the robbers, Margaret’s life is still in danger and Sam agrees to take her to his home to hide out for a while. Margaret is surprised to learn that Sam is hiding a few secrets of his own and trouble is not far from his own door steps. While danger is lurking around the corner the two is swept up into their own romance. Sam is compassionate and his caring nature is so endearing. Though he and his family have always been viewed as rebels and outsiders, he shows that he is the complete opposite. Margaret makes the perfecto heroine for Sam. She sees him for the man he truly is and despite coming from a wealthy family she has never fit in as well. This is just a sweet story to warm the hearts of all readers.Naughty or Nice by DeWanna PriceJames Elliot III is injured out in the middle of a snow storm and help comes to him in the form of Anna Ross a woman that most of the town dislikes. James doesn’t care why the townsfolk dislike Anna, all he knows is that she is beautiful, witty and one of the most sincere people he has ever met. After living a life full of lies back in Boston, he is happy to be around someone who is willing to accept him as the person he can finally be.Anna Ross is nothing like I had expected. I like that there is no walls built up around her. She is open and honest with James. Anna is not the conventional heroine but that is the appeal about her character. The story of two unlikely and mismatch people coming together is wonderfully written. The Christmas Bell by Linda BrodaySloan Sullivan needs to question his sanity. He is out in the freezing cold trying to rescue passengers of a stuck train. One of the passengers just happened to be the one woman he has been avoiding, Tess Whitgrove. Coming from a family of money, everyone assumed that Tess is a spoiled brat but she is going to prove Sloan wrong. First, she has to get the man to come within two feet of her. Illness is spreading among the passengers and new strangers arrive presenting a possibility of danger. Sloan has his hands full and he doesn’t need Tess in the way but she is not able to sit down quietly. She rolls up her sleeves and helps out wherever she can and impresses Sloan. Tess realizes that she and Sloan are quite similar in character and the two begin to develop feelings during their time together. Away in the Manger by Phyliss MirandaRandall Humphries wants to give Scrooge a run for his money this season. All he wants is to hide away from the town’s holiday cheer. That might not be an option when a woman and two small children show up in need of help. Sarah Callahan knew she should have stayed back home but she want her twin to know their family. Now she is stuck with a handsome stranger who slowly gives her the best give of all…love.Sarah is caring and open with her emotions. The love she shows the children and Rand is sweet. She is the type of heroine that readers root for. The children’s slow and gradual acceptance of Rand will make readers fall for him. The author throws in a hint of danger to give the story some spice. This is a warm and inviting holiday read.