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Dead By Nightfall - Beverly Barton Beverly Barton delivers the last dark and thrilling installment to her latest suspense Dead by Trilogy. FBI Agent Nicole Powell is upset that her husband has just revealed his past relationship with one of his colleagues and friend. The truth is that her husband might have a child with this woman and it is almost too much for her to handle. Despite that there is danger lurking around from the past, Nicole needs a break and she retreats to her cabin. The problem is that she is abducted by enemies from her husband’s past. Nicole is Griffin’s whole world. He has been through so much in the past and she has been his saving grace. He is completely lost when he realizes that she is with his enemies and he gathers his team to try and track down one of the most ruthless killers. Now his greatest fear has come to life and Griff and Nicole must play the game in order to stay alive. For fans of the author’s previous books, the whole truth about Griffin’s past is revealed. This story is a lot darker (in subject matter) than the usual suspense books that I read. I felt bad for what Griffin and some of the other characters had went through in the past. The story sort of plays itself out in circles, flipping between what Nicole has to do to remain alive and Griff trying not to lose his cool. The author goes into great details to explain Griff’s emotions but other than that there is no real action until the very end. I know the members of the team plays a significant part of the book but the multiple side stories distracted me at times and I thought the author could have added more action in place of their stories. Overall, Ms. Barton takes readers on a dark suspenseful journey and if you are a fan of Griffin Powell, you will pick this up. I would like to know more about some of the side characters.