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A Maverick for Christmas - Leanne Banks For as long as Abigail Cates can remember she has secretly harbored a crush on Cade Prichett. The only problem with that is he used to date her older sister, Laila, and even proposed to her. Cade has never looked at Abby as nothing but the adorable kid sister to the girl he use to date. Everyone in Thunder Canyon is struck with wedding fever and Abigail is feeling left out. She hatches a plan to get her man for the holidays.I really wanted to enjoy this book more but I just couldn’t. The fact that Abby felt so depressed for not having a husband and family of her own is ridiculous. She is twenty two (and don’t get me wrong you can have a strong desire to want to marry at that age) and in school trying to figure out which direction she wants to go in life. How does she have the urge to want to settle down? She doesn’t even know if she wants to stay in town permanently. The age difference between Abby and Cade is a sore point throughout the entire book. The author mentions that he is thirty and it is only a few years older than she but it became the premise of the whole storyline. Every time she did something he disliked he called her a little girl. When he wanted to hurt her he called her a little girl. It distracted from the story and made me question whether or not these two should be together.Another focal point is the issue with Abby’s sister. Laila is marrying another man and both Cade and Laila claims to not have been in love so why did the author make this another issue to distract me from the true romance. Of course, I’m a true romantic and I am pleased to know there is a HEA but I honestly didn’t care if it happened or not. There are too many issues in this story that should have been resolved or put the rest fairly early.