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Seductive as Flame - Susan Johnson Alec Munro, Earl of Dalgliesh, has his hands full when he meets Zelda for the first time. She is every man’s desires and he is no exception. He knows women better than most men but Zelda proves to be different on so many levels which make the desire to hunt that much stronger. However, Alec has obligations to his son and interference from his meddling wife, a woman whom he doesn’t love. Zelda is witty and strong. Instead of her independence turning Alec off, he finds himself strangely attracted and drawn to her. He sets out to seduce her, a task he has never failed at, but Zelda’s fierce personality proves to be a match for him and he finds that for the first time he might have to learn the word “no”. I have to state that I am a bit put off that one of the main characters are already married and the wife is prevalent in the beginning of the story. I tend to like my romance stories with the H/h single and not in a relationship with another character. I guess the author’s way of smoothing this over is to make the wife a vulgar and crude character but it failed. The situation ultimately get dealt with but not before it left a bad taste with me. While I am not a fan of the main character’s interaction in the beginning, I will not deny that the author knows how to pen the perfect blend of romance and sensuality. The intimacy between Alec and Zelda is smoking hot! Zelda does try to keep Alec away because of his issues with his wife but after a while no longer refuses his advances. While I’m normally a fan of erotic historical romance this did little for me. It is not a memorable story and I didn’t care that much for the characters, especially Alec. He came across as a typical arrogant male who slept with a lot of women until the heroine and even then he needed someone to take the edge off because she refused him. Though I didn’t love this book, I did enjoy reading it and will probably try one from the author’s backlist.