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Conquered by a Highlander (Children of the Mist, #4) - Paula Quinn Colin MacGregor believes in the mission of his King. He goes deep undercover to infiltrate one of the enemy’s home. The goal is to gather information about Prince William’s plans to over throne King James. However, his plans are derailed when he spots Gillian Dearly and her young babe, Edmund. The two are not a part of the plan and normally Colin never rule with his heart but each day that he spends around them, he realizes that sometimes he can’t act according to the plan.Gillian is cast away by her father to her cousin’s home to raise her bastard child. Suffering endless berating from her cousin and threats to take her child away, an escape appears so far away. There are not many she can trust but when the silent and deadly mercenary enters the compound, she and her son takes to his strength.Quinn pens a wonderful story of hope, betrayal and love with true historical events in the background. Of course, I knew that William takes the throne so I became curious to know how Quinn would turn the events out and she masterfully weave the tale of the character’s mission to reflect the actual times.Gillian is a strong female character whose triumph is long awaited. Colin and Gillian romance brews slowly in the background. I eagerly went through the pages waiting to see if Colin’s identity would be discovered, how he would defeat Prince William and if he could save Gillian and Edmund. Yes, there is the “big” misunderstanding but Quinn doesn’t dwell on it and quickly moves past it, much to my satisfaction.While Colin initially started off like every Highlander male (strong, brooding, fierce warrior, etc.), his affections towards Edmund shows a vulnerable and caring side to him. The friendship that takes place between the two is so sweet and earnest that I couldn’t help but to fall for him.Paula Quinn writing continues to get better and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers for highlander romances. I recommend this book for those who have enjoyed the previous books in this series.