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Wicked Road to Hell - Juliana Stone Ms. Stone is back with an edgy and dark spin-off to her popular Jaguar series. This first book in the League of Guardians introduces a new set of promising and exciting battles with deliciously interesting characters.Stone picks up with Declan (Jaguar Series) a sexy and deadly sorcerer who was cast away in Hell, literally. He escaped the pits of hell with the help of Seraphim who is using him for his own advantages. Grateful to no longer suffer at the hands of Lilith but not particularly happy to work for Bill, Declan is sent to New Orleans to retrieve a target. He is on a mission and nothing will stop him from getting his target…that is until he realizes that his target is a young boy that is protecting by the woman he loves.Years ago, Declan watched his beloved vampire Ana receive a stake in her cold heart. The shock of seeing her again, turns his head upside down. She is still fierce and beautiful but she is also on the other team or so he thinks.Ana Delacrux never thought she would have the opportunity to be with Declan again but the odds are in her favor. She convinces a reluctant Declan to help protect Kaden from the Seraphs. The two partnering up is a bad combination that leaves them both questioning whether they can let go of the past?I am so excited to have finally learned how Ana and Declan turned out. While I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the previous Jaguar books, it is entertaining and spicy. Fans of the series who have both watched Ana and Declan as secondary characters will be happy to see them as leading characters. More of their past and secrets are revealed as they struggle to fight their feelings for one another.My only problem with this book is that there is too much angst. After a while, I just wanted them to accept one another and be a couple. The constant tug of war distracted me and I started to focus on the back story. The side characters are interesting and Ms. Stone has set up the story nicely for an introduction to her series.