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A Touch of Crimson - Sylvia Day Bravo! Bravo! A round of applause to Ms. Day for captivating readers in a sinful and sensual world of Angels, Vampires, Lycans and more with her first addition to her Renegade Angel series. Adrian Mitchell has only loved one woman, Shadoe, a naphil whose father has betrayed the Sentinels. Centuries ago, Adrian clipped Syre’s wings, causing him to become a vampire. Syre’s vengeance and rage led him on a path bent on destroying Adrian and he used the only weapon he had…his daughter. He captured Shadoe and tried to change her into a vampire but Adrian had stopped him, causing her body to die but her soul to become immortalized. Now, Adrian is forced to watch Shadoe become reincarnated each time with no memories of him and their love. This time he spots her again and he vows to protect her.Lindsay Gibson knows she is different from other humans. She has super senses and can feel the energy of non-humans around her. She uses her “sixth sense” to take down the evil around her without drawing attention to herself. Her life is pretty simple until she meets Adrian at the airport. The man is a walking sex pot and she can’t fight the instant connection she feels towards him. As Adrian and Lindsay spend more time together she learns more about the world in which she never knew existed. The Angels are the leaders, taking out the vampires and using the Lycans to do so. The Lycans are not happy to in servitude to the Angels but they have no choice and once one of them show any Alpha tendencies they are separated from the pack…like Elijah, whom I became completely obsessed with. There are so many paranormal creatures and elements to the story that the author takes a lot of attention weaving the intricacies of this new world. It is a slow but a necessary process in order to fully understand what is going. Once the story picked up and there was no more world building, I was a goner. To add to Adrian’s problem of keeping his woman safe, there is infection spreading amongst the vampire, making them go rogue. The Lycans are also trying to get from under the Angel’s servitude and they are putting pressure on Elijah, Adrian’s head Lycan and security enforcer, to lead the pack. How can he lead a full out war with the power Angels? The love scenes were so seductive and hawt! There is no other way to describe it. The build-up is slow and sensual that I felt like exploding alongside Adrian and Lindsay. There are some great butt-kicking scenes. The drama and action is full on and the characters are a force to be reckoned with. Lindsay definitely holds on own in the midst of paranormal creatures. Kudos to Ms. Day for this spellbinding entry into the PNR genre! All I need for her to do is to hurry and get the next book out…maybe it will Elijah’s story.