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Bella and the Merciless Sheikh - Sarah Morgan Bella Balfour is a bad girl socialite sent to the middle of the Arabian Desert by her father to get herself together. The lack of technology (cellphones, laptops, etc) is driving her stir-crazy. Her guardian at the retreat where Bella is forced to stay only has yoga and meditation on the agenda and Bella needs some action. Devising an escape plan, she steals a horse, unaware of who is belongs to and attempts to make it across desert to the city.Her plans are derailed when she underestimates the distance to the city and she suffers a sun stroke. Lucky for her, Sheikh Zariq is taking his annual weekly retreat in the desert and stumbles upon her. Zariq is furious when he spots her worn down body and his beautiful prized horse. He believes she is a thief, trying to sell the creature. Bella is slightly annoying in my opinion. Just picture a Paris Hilton type stuck in the desert, using her beauty and charm to try to get into the city. She comes across a little dimwitted for the first half of the book and the Sheikh comes across slightly arrogant and cold. Even after the first love scene, the compassion and tenderness is severely lacking. The flighty heroine and distant hero make them a bit unappealing.Eventually, Zariq coerces Bella into endless nights of sex in the desert. She agrees and somehow they connect during the week long stay out there. Once they return to the city, Bella begs Zariq to allow her to work for him and prove that she is capable of being serious. Bella steps into her new role and tries to win the heart of the handsome sheikh.Sarah Morgan books are well written and the story moves quickly. I just wished that I didn’t have to wait until the end of the book to finally like Bella. Her progression to behaving like an adult is too slow. Zariq doesn’t warms up until the end. Who wants to wait until the end to like the hero?The scandal behind Bella’s stay in the desert is quite entertaining. I wish it was bought to light earlier in the book. I want to know more about her family and who they really are. I will search for future books about Bella’s sisters. I have questions I want answered but I guess they will be revealed in later books. Overall, this book is entertaining but fell flat in some areas.