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Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost One of the best voices in the paranormal romance genre brings forth a dark and exciting new spin-off to her Night Huntress series.Leila once lived a normal life where she wasn’t looked at like a freak or had to conceal some mystifying powers. Those days are long gone after she suffered an injury from a power line. Now she is disfigured and can look into someone’s past with one single touch…as long as she doesn’t electrocute them in the process. Figuring that people wouldn’t necessarily care for her new powers, she joins a traveling carnival. At least now she can fit in with a group of people who will not question her past. Leila is adjusting to her life within the carnival when she is kidnapped by vampires who want her for her secret powers. When Leila touches an item that automatically links her to the world’s most dangerous vampire, she gets more than she bargains for.Vlad Tepesh rushes to save Leila from a group of vampires for his own benefits. He wants to meet the woman who can tap into his mind. Once he rescues Leila, all the action begins. Vlad discovers that one of his enemies is trying to capture Leila for her special gifts and he knows that she will not be safe once all the other vampires learn of her talents. The one thing that I like about Ms. Frost is that she creates strong female characters and Leila is no exception. She is vulnerable and flawed character despite her strength. It is those attributes that I think attracts Vlad to her. She is a mystery to him and its appealing. Vlad might be arrogant and cocky but he has every reason to be. He is dangerous, sexy and has suffered enough pain in his lifetime to fully relate to Leila. Leila is reluctant to get romantically involved with Vlad. He’s not the forever kind of vamp, and he makes sure she knows that right away. As they try to fight off Vlad’s enemy, he realizes that Leila is the kind of woman that makes him want to stick around. The action scenes are awesome. Vlad teaches Leila how to defend herself and she becomes confident and strong. The ending closes up some of the issues in the book but leaves the story open for more books in the series. I can’t wait to see what happens to Vlad and Leila next.