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The Cowboy and the Princess - Lori Wilde I really enjoyed the first book in the series. So I came into this with high expectations and probably that is my biggest problem here. The heroine in this story is the main flaw. Annabella is a sheltered princess who wants to spread her wings and fly. When she is invited to her friend’s wedding in America, she hops on the opportunity to ditch her bodyguards at the reception and hitch hike her way into Texas.Brady Talmadge is a bit of a loner. He floats from town to town without a moment’s notice. His only passion is his job as a horse whisperer. He likes his life of solitude but he is about to have his little world shaken up when he picks up Princess Annabella of Monesta at a truck stop.The story takes a while to pick up and I almost set it down but I normally like Ms. Wilde’s stories so I hung in there. Eventually the story picks up and all the wild and zany characters from the first book make appearances (readers get a glimpse at what happened to Mariah and Joe). Annabella stopped acting like a child and try to find her “fit” into their world. Brady’s story is so heart wrenching and the author shows how his past reflects into the man he is today…insecurities and all.So after finally getting into the story, the author throws one or two bombshells (which I kind of discovered early on) into the mix and wrapped it up with a cheesy ending. My biggest problem with this book is that Brady doesn’t know she is from royalty until the end. How? He is constantly mentioning that she speaks as though she is far superior to others. Also, I find it hard to believe that she didn’t know some of the simplest terminology. Forget that she is from another country, there is television and they are in the present. How can she not know? Honestly, I just wish the author didn’t throw a far fetched idea such as a princess running away for weeks to live in the country and not execute it in a realistic manner.Overall, though I didn’t love this book, I enjoyed certain aspects of it. I love revisiting the town of Jubilee and I look forward to the next book. The teaser at the end left me anticipating.