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A Hunger So Wild (Renegade Angels, #2) - Sylvia Day A Hunger So Wild delivers witty dialogue, a strong heroine, a dangerous Alpha male and enough action to keep readers flipping through the pages.Elijah, alpha of the lycans, is begrudgingly leading his pack into a war against the angels. This is not the hand he would have chosen but since the lycans broke away from the angels, he has no choice but to lead because he is the strongest and most fierce lycan of them all. While the taste of freedom is promising, Elijah is tormented with his sense of duty to the lycans and his relationship with the angel leader, Adrian and his mate, Lindsay.He knows the lycans can’t win a war against the angels by themselves. So when the vampires present an unlikely partnership, he is forced to take them up on their offer. The problem is that he never imagined himself fighting his desire for the second in charge to the vampire nation, Vashti.Years ago, Vashti lost her love Charron to a vicious attack by lycans. The very thought of working side by side with the creatures who took her mate, makes her sick but she knows she is no match for Adrian and the other angels. The angels believe that vampires are going rogue but Vashti needs the lycans to help prove that there are infected minions causing mayhem. As she work side by side with the Alpha leader, she comes to respect and admire his strength but can she let go the past and take a chance on love with a lycan.Ms. Day does bring the action to the second book of Renegade Angels series. I admit that I never pictured Vashti as Elijah’s mate, so I went into this book skeptical. Even though I’m not that crazy about the pairing, Vashti and Elijah have chemistry. The quick banter and humorous lines gave me good laughs. The sex scenes are hot and steamy as only Ms. Day does it.Even while I enjoyed the book for the action and the world building, there is a lack of passion between Elijah and Vashti that left me wanting more. Unlike the characters from the first book, A Touch of Crimson, Elijah and Vashti’s connection is more sexual. It is a carnal desire that the feel for one another. I am glad that Lindsay and Adrian (H/h from the 1st book) make several appearances. The love they have for one another is still expressed so vividly. Adrian delivers some of the most romantic lines in the book.I look forward to the next book in the series. The teaser at the end leads me to believe that Syre will finally get his own HEA. Ms. Day did a wonderful job at showing his more “human” side.